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What Our Customers Are Saying



"You yourselves are our letter of recommendation..." 2 Corinthians 3:2

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the help that you have given me through the years. Navigating through the Medicare and insurance supplements is so frustrating and confusing. It is a comfort to have someone who is educated in this matter and has a care and concern for others along with a desire to help.
Virginia B., Irving, TX


I know that I can trust the information that Terry provides. He is very knowledgeable in the field of insurance. He is very passionate about his work and this is demonstrated by the effort that he makes to ensure that his clients and others are educated in the seminars that he provides. For any insurance need you may have, he makes that extra effort to ascertain what will be best for YOU and is always prompt in delivering what is needed. I would never hesitate to recommend him to others.
Sandra W., Richardson, TX


Terry Warner and his agency have served me for many years. Each time I invest in a new policy I am assured that they have done extensive research to find the exact policy that meets my needs and budget. I trust them to put my needs above theirs and to always do the right thing.
Michael L., Dallas, TX


Terry has been my insurance advisor for several years. I depend on him when I am faced with decisions regarding Medicare supplements and drug coverage. It is reassuring to know I can contact him. He will do the research and get back to me with answers in a timely fashion.
A Satisfied Client, Abilene, TX


We feel 100% comfortable in the fact that you are looking out for our best interests. You do all the homework for us, and then recommend the best plan for our individual needs. It would be overwhelming if we didn't have you to turn to. God Bless You.
Darrell & Annie P., Sachse, TX


Mr. Terry Warner has been a superb Medicare Consultant for my wife and I since March 1997. He has always been cordial and never too busy for us when we needed his expertise. Mr. Warner has a vast knowledge of Medicare and all its programs and has always led us in the right direction. His dedication is above and beyond reproach. My wife and I would recommend him to anyone who has problems navigating the Medicare System.
Charles & Betty D., Dallas, TX


We were very pleased with the information that The Agency of Terry Warner provided to us concerning Medicare supplemental and Medicare advantage plans, as well as on long term care insurance. Thanks.
Jan & Frank H., Dallas, TX


I have been doing business with Terry Warner for over 4 years. He helped me understand the Medicare situation as my husband had just passed away. I was so frightened and vulnerable and just turning 65 so he was a life-saver to me. He also helped me change plans when the situation was called for. He has always been there to answer questions and advise me. I would recommend him to anyone needing Insurance.
Hilary S., Dallas, TX


I have recommended Terry to relatives and friends because he is an HONEST person and won't sell you something if you don't need it. A good Christian agency that shows what honesty really is.
G H., Plano, TX


I am 75 years of age and was had Medicare supplement insurance. Mr. Warner helped me change to another company after explaining that all Plan F's are the same coverage with any plan. My premium would have been $250.00 with my existing company and with the new company it was only $l52.72 for the same coverage. I was helped previously by Mr. Warner getting some of my prescriptions in a more cost effective way. They really keep up with all the changes and I am so grateful to have their expertise.
June L., Irving, TX


It was indeed my good fortune to have been referred to Terry Warner. Being over 65 my insurance was a mess and Mr. Warner condensed my coverages and my saving amounted to over $1000 a year and reduced my insurance cost. Again thank you for the professional approach and your help was great.
Martin B., Ft. Worth, TX


Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your approach to your business and how you take care of your clients. You truly define the meaning of “personal service” and I can't tell you how much that means to me as I spent my entire working life in a service business and to find someone who puts his client ahead of commissions on his priority list is quite a heartwarming experience. Your constant search for better and ideal policies for each client's personal needs is really admirable and I thought I would let you know that it has not gone unnoticed. Not at my house anyway. Thank you so very much.
Joe S., Dallas, TX


We have been very pleased with the service we have received from the Agency of Terry Warner over many years and appreciate the time and advice he has given us. The seminars he has held have also been very informative and helpful and we look forward to many years of a continued relationship with the Agency of Terry Warner.
W.T. & I.J.S., The Colony, TX


Terry is the most knowledgeable and reachable person I know to answer my questions about Medicare and updates, Medicare advantage, and anything that pertains to senior healthcare insurance. I have referred friends of mine to him and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work,
Jane D., Richardson, TX


Thank you for the comprehensive and professional services you have provided me over the years- Long-Term Disability, Medicare Supplement, Medicare Drug, etc..
Jim R., Dallas, TX


I want to thank you for helping guide me through the maze of finding the right insurance coverage to suit both Cathy's and my needs. Your personal interest, understanding of what was important to us, and what needed to be important to us, made the process both easy and educational. I am most appreciative and will be recommending you to our friends as their needs arise as well.
George C., Dallas, TX


I don't know what my husband and I would have done without the help of Terry Warner directing us through the myriad of choices for Medicare Supplemental and Prescription Drug plans. He compared our options and found the plans that provided the best coverage for our particular needs at the best available prices. When we ask him to review our options as new plans become available, he is as close as an e-mail away, always responding within a reasonable time even during the peak time crunch late in the year. Thanks!
A Very Satisfied Customer, Fairview, TX


I am writing this to tell you and anyone else how many times you have shocked us. We have had many sales persons in our lives, but never have we had anyone as you are. How you keep helping us to choose the best for us in Insurance, and yet you do not always make commissions, with these decisions. We really would like to commend you and your principals of Business. I knew when my Doctor gave me your name, you had to be very trustworthy, but I had no idea that you would take such good care of my husband and I. Thank you again. We would be glad to recommend you to anyone.
Ken and Virginia J., McKinney, TX


I have had a business connection with Terry Warner for several years. One of the primary things he did that helped me was to analyze the different offers by insurance companies when the Medicare Prescription Drug plan was started. Like so many people I faced the task of trying to analyze these offers and decide which was best for me. In all my dealings with Terry I have found him to be honest and dependable – I have felt that I can trust his word completely.
Lanelle L., Dallas, TX


A big appreciation for the time and expertise Terry gave me explaining my options for Medicare Supplemental Insurance. I retired at 71 after working through the end of October which meant I had several issues that needed to be taken care of right away. I couldn't have waded through the mounds of information without him. He got me on track and all aspects of Medicare are moving efficiently.
Corinne M., Dallas, TX